Larry and ML didn’t take full advantage of Daniel’s back to back mediocre weeks, but with two weeks left to go all is to play for and claim the Regular Season title.  Let’s see the Week 17 Best NFL Spread Picks from the MMG Staff. Happy New Year and Happy NFL Sunday to all!

MMG NFL Week 17 Picks  

Host of MMG NFL Daily Picks and the baseball and kicker encyclopedia of props. 

Season Record (49-44-3)

Game 1: LIONS -6

Game 2: GIANTS -5.5

Game 3: TEXANS +4

Game 4: Jets -1.5

Game 5: 49ers -10

Game 6: Bills -1

MMG Managing Editor, Co-Host of Break Break the Bank Podcast

Season Record (47-46-3)

Game 1: Browns +2

Game 2: GIANTS -5.5

Game 3: Jaguars -4

Game 4: 49ers -10

Game 5: SEAHAWKS +1.5

Game 6: Bills -1


Co-Host of Break Break the Bank Podcast, The Honduran Betting Expert, and Mr. Count My Money and get my Jordans.

Season Record (41-52-3)

Game 1: Cowboys -13.5

Game 2: Bears +6

Game 3: EAGLES -5.5

Game 4: Jaguars -4

Game 5: SEAHAWKS +1.5

Game 6: Bills -1


Co-Founder of MMG, Co-Host of Chaos and Conversation Podcast, MMG College Football Writer: Picks, Bets, and Brews

Season Record (47-47-2)


Game 2: EAGLES -5.5


Game 4: Packers -3.5

Game 5: Steelers +2.5

Game 6: BENGALS +1

Check the Betting video below for those who may need a refresher and bet responsibly. 

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