Prior to us getting to the picks, we wanted to acknowledge that no one in the entire fandom of football can dispute that there is one winner amongst us all. Damar Hamlin has a long fight ahead of him and it’s because he isn’t a vested NFL player due to his years of service so that he may not only receive his pension and also medical coverage. We are happy he is conscious, but we are also sympathetic to his future ahead. Let’s hope the NFL and all associated with the Bills ownership and management support him and his family to the highest order.

In the words of LL Cool J, Larry and ML have adopted the words from the rapper from Queens to Don’t Call it a Combeack.

Larry and Daniel are tied with ML only 1 game back. It’s Week 18 and usually it’s the 2nd most unpredictable week of the year. It’s been a fun season. Unless something drastic happens like an 0-6 week, three of our 5 staff members will have been up for the year. We didn’t lose you money unless you followed Shawn for the 60% of the time he actually submitted his picks. He has a lot of Southern Billy Madison energy.

Let’s enjoy Week 18 and thanks for following this regular season on

MMG NFL Week 18 Picks  

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Season Record (51-47-3)

Game 1: Cowboys -7

Game 2: Vikings -6

Game 3: STEELERS -2.5

Game 4: Giants +14

Game 5: Rams +6

Game 6: PACKERS -5

MMG Managing Editor, Co-Host of Break Break the Bank Podcast

Season Record (51-47-3)

Game 1: Buccaneers +4

Game 2: BILLS -7

Game 3: BENGALS -9

Game 4: Giants +14

Game 5: SEAHAWKS -6

Game 6: PACKERS -5


Co-Host of Chaos and Conversation Podcast, President of the Ja Morant Fan Club

Shawn took another two weeks hiatus. The Titans lost 7 games in a row to lose the AFC South.

Game 1: Titans +6.5

Game 2: Chiefs -9

Game 3: Buccaneers +4

Game 4: STEELERS -2.5

Game 5: Chargers +3

Game 6: Lions +5


Co-Host of Break Break the Bank Podcast, The Honduran Betting Expert, and Mr. Count My Money and get my Jordans.

Season Record (44-54-3)

Game 1: FALCONS -4

Game 2: BILLS -7

Game 3: Vikings -6

Game 4: Jets +3

Game 5: EAGLES -14

Game 6: PACKERS -5


Co-Founder of MMG, Co-Host of Chaos and Conversation Podcast, MMG College Football Writer: Picks, Bets, and Brews

Season Record (51-48-2)

Game 1: BILLS -7

Game 2: Vikings -6

Game 3: BENGALS -9

Game 4: Colts -2.5

Game 5: SAINTS -3.5

Game 6: PACKERS -5

Check the Betting video below for those who may need a refresher and bet responsibly. 

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