I’m just a girl from the Midwest who lives and breathes football. Born and raised outside of Ann Arbor, I grew up a Lions & Michigan fan. I fell in love with sports when I was a kid and it has been my passion ever since. On Lexi’s Corner, I’ll be discussing all things NFL and College Football and expect some hot topics along the way.



One Pride, Unite! As a born & raised Lions fan, I was beyond excited for Dan Campbell’s Lions to be on Hard Knocks. Each week, I will be recapping the episode on Wednesdays, so make sure to follow me – @GoBlueLexi117 on Spotify Live. In the first episode, Greg (@Gwizzy12) and I touch base on what our first impressions were, the insane quotes from MCDC, and Hutch’s unique version of Billie Jean. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us in the discussion. Tune in & subscribe to everything Multiplicity Media.