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Nathaniel Thompson

Where do I begin… I currently travel back and forth from Toronto to Australia for this thing I love called Law School. I want to be the first rap lawyer with my label Called “LLB Records.” Music has provided me the avenue to express myself in ways I’ve never dreamed of before. I make music, engage with artists/ entertainers on social media, and create content around music. I love to dwell in the past maybe that’s why music is the closest thing we have to a time machine…

Esfandiar Baraheni

Esfandiar Baraheni or “Es” as most of his friends call him… is a man who wears many hats. By day, he’s an NBA content creator at TheScore and by night he’s aspiring to be an actor and become a sports documentary filmmaker. He also writes about movie and TV stuff for Multiplicity. Makes music on his spare time with Nate. Oh yeah, he’s also one of the co-hosts of this podcast. When asked what he wants to end up doing, he usually answers “idk man, some mix of Anthony Bourdain and Arsenio Hall, but for basketball”. Jack of all trades — master of none type of dude.